American Dairy Goat Association: Best in Show 2011

Our young farm had a spot of good news last October when we entered our cheese into the American Dairy Goat Association annual amateur Cheese Competition.  We got a call from the organizer, the lovely Nicci Pretti, a day after judging.  And she said, “well, you guys did pretty well..”  We won Best  In Show!  Our little soft-ripened Paradise took top honors and five other cheeses took firsts, and one got a second place.  We were so proud and pleased, got great feedback and can’t wait to enter next year as professionals!  Here is a braggy link to the contest winners page.



  1. Jenni Dike says:

    Congrats Sherwin! I love the website and am looking forward to sampling all the fruits of your labors at the farmers’ markets this year.

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