Animal of the Week: Morgan

As you drive up to Mountain Lodge Farm, Morgan will likely come loping to the fence to meet you, while loudly announcing your arrival to the rest of the farm. Morgan is a gorgeous Great Pyranees/Anatolian cross, who shares goat guard duty with Briar the dog and Penny the llama. She lives full time with the herd of does, protecting them against coyotes, mountain lions, and anything sneaking around at night.

Though initially suspicious of newcomers, or anything non-goat in the barn at night, Morgan will be won over quickly if you pet her ears and scratch her chin. She spends a lot of time with her buddy Briar, who is older and wiser than she. They can often be seen mock-fighting in the yard. When we take the goats on browse walks, Morgan and Briar accompany us up the ridge, and nudge their noses under our arms so we have to hug them. They are so soft and fluffy with such beseeching brown eyes that we want to hug them all the time, but since they are working dogs we have to limit the amount of attention we give them so they focus on doing their jobs.


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