Sunday Cheese Shop by Appointment Only: Please email or call for information

We would love to have you stop by our Sunday Cheese Shop – we just need to know you’re coming! Please call 360-832-1625 or email to set up a time. Please use “Cheese Shop Appointment” in your subject line. We look forward to meeting you!

Mountain Lodge Farm in the Seattle Times

Photo of Meghan and Rosebud taken by John Lok

If you didn’t see it already check out the feature in the Seattle Times Pacific NW Magazine!  Nancy Leson, the food writer for the times interviewed Mountain Lodge’s cheesemaker Meghan McKenna for the Sunday article.  Hopefully Rosebud won’t let the fame go to her head!  Click here for the full story.

The Birth of a Creamery

The Birth of a Creamery

We started the design for our creamery in 2010. Luckily for us Gianaclis Caldwell ( of Pholia Farm) wrote a very helpful book, The Farmstead Creamery Advisor, which gave us a good starting point. We have also consulted with her and had her review and improve our plans along the way. She has a wealth of knowledge on so many levels and has been very generous in sharing her expertise with us in a wise, warm way. We owe a large part of our barn, creamery design to her.

When it came time to sort out how to handle the cooling and humidifying of the aging and drying rooms in our creamery we realized there was much we didn’t know and we put a stop to the project and worked with two cheese consultants to sort through the options and make the best decision we could given the current level of understanding. We are now awaiting the delivery of some equipment from Holland which will provide the best option for creating a hygienic, flexible, sensible and cheese focused system for environmental control of our aging facility. We are always learning and things always take longer than you think. Luckily we built a separate utility kitchen in the farmhouse that will be our interim creamery until we can complete the stand alone building.