Do goats like hot tubs?

In between barn checks (actually two nights of barn checks) Tadaah kidded with 2 bucks, one was rather large at 4 lbs 14 oz and the other was 2lb 12oz. We estimate that they had probably been born about 15 minutes before we walked in the barn. We helped her finish clean them off and proceeded to give assistance to get them nursing. Ideally we like them to have colostrum (doe’s pre-milk filled with immunity boosting goodies) within an hour of birth. The larger buck, Wharton, had no problem, but the smaller one, Wyatt was going through the motions but just did not seem able to suck.

I was puzzled, but my first guess was maybe he was cold. Sure enough his temperature was 93 degrees (normal 101-103 degrees). We quickly made a “goat hot tub” for him in the sink and dunked him for 5 minutes up to his neck. His temperature quickly rose to 103 degrees and after drying with a hair dryer we put him back on mom and he sucked like crazy! Wyatt is growing just fine and has not had a problem since. (photo)

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