I See A Cria

Pronounced CREE’ ah, baby llamas are typically born during the midday hours, providing light and sanctuary from nocturnal predators. Although Bunny (the goats’ guard llama) is protected, her natural instincts moved into gear on Saturday afternoon when she gave birth to a 21 pound baby girl.
Assumed to be too young to reproduce, the sight of her cria was a shock to the whole farm. Also previously assumed by all, was that Bunny was a particularly nervous animal, but now we understand why – she has been stowing some precious cargo for the past eleven and a half months!
The cria’s presence alone was enough to excite, but with a small audience shortly after coming into the world, she stood on wobbly legs and began nursing.
As was the case with her amiable father Nickel, this baby has been “imprinted,” or has socialized with humans and hopefully gained an understanding of our characteristics to be nurturing and nonthreatening.
She is now four days old and seems accepting of gentle affection, and displays a healthy process of maturation as she nurses regularly throughout the day and walks on sturdy legs.

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