Introducing Mountain Lodge Farm


We are a new farmstead creamery nestled in the foothills of Mt. Rainier. Amazing cheese from one amazing place!

Farmstead means the cheese is made from milk from animals we raise.  We have both Nigerian dwarf and La Mancha dairy goats that we milk twice a day. We have selected these breeds due to their very sweet, rich milk that makes awesome cheese.  We also really enjoy the personalities of these goats.  Yes, goats do have different personalities, similar to the variation among dogs.  The La Manchas were developed in the 1930s in Oregon and is most recognizable due to their very tiny external ears.  They are a medium sized dairy goat with good production and temperament.   They produce high butterfat milk and tend to be calm and quiet.  La Manchas tend to be quite smart and curious and love to explore things with their mouths.  So, no sleeping on the job when the La Manchas are around…or they will be running around the barn doing the chores (or undoing the chores).

The second breed of goat we have are Nigerian dwarf.  They are miniature dairy goats of West African origin.  They are gentle and friendly with high butterfat and protein in their milk, which make them perfect for cheese making.  They come in a variety of colorful markings and typical females stay under 21 ½ inches tall at the shoulders, making handling easier than a larger dairy goat.

We are also trying some crosses of these two goats (we are calling the cross, lagerian) which is a being bred for milk amount and components.  We have started on monthly milk testing (DHIA) to assess the amount, protein, fat and somatic cell count of each of our milking animals.  This data will be helpful for cheese making, breeding and assessing the health/quality of our animals.



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