Meet The Kids Born In 2012

Wow, so many beautiful, healthy kids were born this year on our farm. Lucy and Jude are sisters that are full Nigerian dwarf born to Wiggles (sired by Ringo, thus the Beatle focused names) in February.  They are a wonderful combination of strength and dairy.

Our best milking doe, Fern, a full La Mancha gave us quads this year and four gorgeous animals, 2 does and 2 bucks (sired by Birch from Fir Meadow in Oregon).  Both of her does, Willow and Victoria, have precocious udders (udders that develop before the animal has been bred) which some people say foreshadows a great milker….time will tell.  Our herd queen, Reba, gave us two does with lots of potential, Skye and Jura (named for some Scottish Islands). Their sire is Coal (aka Borage, also from Fir Meadow in Oregon).

We were happy to get some does out of some of our Lagerians (la mancha/Nigerian crosses).  Ruby is ¾ Nigerian and ¼ La Mancha. She has blue eyes, wattles (skin tags) that hang at her ears and nice looking conformation.  Twenty nine does were born on the farm this spring, and we will keep most of them and add them to our foundation herd.  The hard part is deciding who to sell…as we get so attached to them…that is part of learning to be a farmer…we are working on it.

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