Tipsoo Recipe

Melting Tipsoo and Salami Baguette

This is hardly a recipe, just about the quickest way to a weeknight dinner or game day snack. You could serve with a nice side salad for an entrée or double the cheese and salami for an open-faced  presentation and feed a crowd.



Serves four.

1 baguette sliced in half lengthwise

½ pound Tipsoo sliced into 1/8” thick slices

¼ pound salami sliced very thin

2 Tbls coarse mustard

Optional: assorted pickled vegetables, mostarda or chutney for zing


Place the top rack of the oven about 5 inches down.  Preheat the broiler. Working on a large baking sheet, spread both sides of the baguette with the mustard.  On the bottom half, lay the salami and 2/3 of the sliced Tipsoo, keeping in mind the cheese will spread as it melts.  Arrange the remaining third of cheese on the top half of the bread.  Place the baking sheet under the broiler for 3 to 5 minutes keeping an eye on the cheese.  You want to pull it out once the Tipsoo is bubbling and just starting to color.

Put the baguette back together if you are serving sandwich style and cut into desired portions.  I like to add a layer of pickles to this treat – it’s a nice balance to all the ooey gooey cheese!

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