We are rolling in does!

Kidding season started here February 4th with a labor watch for Tadaah. She gave us two bucks (Wharton and Wyatt) finally on February 6th. Three days later Parsnip kidded with a doe and a buck (Boots and Crockett), followed later that day with quadruplets (3 does: Mrytle, Ellie and Charlotte; and 1 buck: Wilbur)from Leibshen. Leibshen was the fastest to kid this year and delivered in the middle of the day, greatly appreciated by all of us who like to sleep at night. Francine followed on February 16th with 2 does, and Beatrice surprised us with quadruplet does on February 18th. Our count is now at 10 does and 4 bucks. We are on pins and needles waiting for Raven to kid. She gave us 5 bucks last year, so we are hoping she has at least one doe for us this year.

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