For Sale

Goats for Sale – Spring 2014

 charlie and friend


April – DOB 4.2.12

Kidded from: Honeysuckle & Shamrock

1/4 Lamancha and 3/4  Nigerian Dwarf

Blue eyes / Pet goat

$100 – a steal at this price!

Really don’t want this doe to leave the farm. She is full of personality and love, but just can’t get her bred. Attempted for 2 years with different bucks but seems healthy in every other way. She would be a great companion to Hazel.


Hazel – DOB 4.5.11

Kidded from: Parsnip & DeVine

Nigerian Dwarf

Pet Goat

$100 – ridiculously low price for this lovely doe!

What a sweet doe! She had a difficult kidding last year and we have retired her so we do not suggest breeding her again. She is gorgeous, affectionate and would be a great companion to April.



Jacob & Jerry – DOB 5.2.13

Kidded from: Abby & DeVine

Pet wethers

$75 each

These two brothers are healthy and sweet. Would love to see them go together to bring joy to another home. Jacob (photo on the left) has blue eyes.

Dotty – DOB 5.15.13

Kidded from: Inky & Blarney

ADGA registered Nigerian dwarf doe


Dotty has her mom’s smarts and easy disposition. A great little eater and she will be ready for breeding next season!


Sepia – DOB 5.15.13

Kidded from: Inky & Blarney

ADGA registered Nigerian dwarf doe


Sepia has the wonderful black and white color many are looking for. She could be paired with her sister (Dotty) or her brother (Cowboy) or some of the other doelings we have for sale. She will be ready for breeding next season.


Blossom & Tulip – DOB 3.20.13

Kidded from: Vera & Devine

ADGA registered Nigerian dwarf does

$300 for both

These sisters are petite with great genetics. Blossom was one of our tiniest born on the farm this year, but healthy from the start. Will need to see how she grows to determine breeding potential. Sister, Tulip, has blue eyes and a beautiful deep red coloring. They are friendly and loving with lots of spunk. Priced very well and we would love to see the sisters go together. Their other sister, Iris, is staying on the farm.


Ripple – DOB 4.14.13

Kidded from: Puddles & Shamrock

ADGA registered Nigerian dwarf doe


Ripple will shine in a smaller herd with lots of love. Her mom is a very nice first freshener with good udder attachment and production. Her sire has done great things on our farm.


Daphne & Dimple – DOB 3.9.13

Kidded from: Duchess & Cumin

¾ Lamancha and ¼ Nigerian Dwarf

$200 each

Love these sisters, beautiful, exceptionally friendly and very smart. They are very attached to each other, so I’m hoping they can go together. Their mom is a great first freshener who has milked well. I am keeping Penelope whose dam is their aunt and sire is the same as these girls. They are really looking forward to being bred, as they do not have subtle heats!


Ridley – DOB 3.13.13

Kidded from: Reba & Birch

ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf


Ridley’s dam is our herd queen, and her sire is a lovely buck from Fir Meadow with great genetics. Ridley is super friendly, smart and will keep her new owner entertained. She will definitely be missed on the farm. I have several nice daughters from Reba so I’m willing to let Ridley go.


Prudence – DOB 4.14.13

Kidded from: Lucky & Shamrock

ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf


Prudence’s dam is a very nice milking first freshener with a lovely udder who surprised us with quads. We will be keeping Prudence’s sister, Maggie Mae. Love this doe and hate to see her leave, she is a total sweetheart and would be a nice addition to another farm. We have a couple nice does who would be a great company to her or she could go with a wether.



Nigerian Dwarf doe

Pet / Petite


This girl is a farm favorite. She is total sweetness, cute as can be and will make a beautiful pet goat. Would not breed due to her  size. This needs to be a very special home for this doe.  She would be safer in a smaller herd due to her size otherwise I would keep her. She would be better with a companion so if you have another doe that would be perfect. If not, perhaps a companion from the farm?


Fiddle – DOB 3.6.12

Kidded from: Piano & Blarney

Registered Nigerian dwarf doe


She is a lovely tri-colored doe with a very friendly personality. She had subtle heats and we were unable to get her bred this year. We have her sister and dam on the farm, so we can share the genetics.


Charley – DOB 3.5.13

Kidded from: Boots & Wharton

Registered Nigerian dwarf doe


Talk about splashy and healthy…that is Charley. She will do better on a smaller farm with lots of attention, she has lots of love to share. You could pair her with another doe or wether from the farm.


Goose and Rocky

Pet / Wethers

$75 each

These two boys are pure love! They would make great pets. Like to see them go together even though they are not brothers, they do have the same sire and his sweet disposition is showing up in both these boys. They can stay here if we don’t find the perfect home for them.


Quimby – DOB 3.9.13

Kidded from: Questa & Basalt

Registered Lamancha


I am going to be in trouble for selling this goat. She has such personality and curiosity, we just love her. Her dam and sire are two wonderful lamanchas (dam a great milker and sire is our favorite buck). We are keeping her sister, Quince, but need to make room for this year’s babies, so need to put her on sell list.


Bridgit & Betsy – DOB 3.27.13

Kidded from: Beatrice & Wharton

Registered Nigerian dwarf does

$200 each

These sisters have a nice dam who has given us lots of great daughters. They are very friendly and healthy and will make awesome moms and milkers like their dam. Love to see them go together.


Thor – DOB 3.30.13

Kidded from: Tadaah & Shamrock

Registered Nigerian dwarf buck


Thor’s dam is a 3rd freshener milking well with nice teat size and great milking parlor manners. His sire has done great things for production and udder on our farm. Probably will be a petite buck so could be helpful to prevent oversized does.


Wattles – DOB 5.24.11

Kidded from: Wiggles & Blarney

Registered Nigerian dwarf buck


His dam has a nice udder, good milk production, and great behavior. His sire is a smaller buck with good improvement in udder attachment, teat placement and production seen so far. Wattles needs to see more action on a farm with less related daughters.


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